Structure of Success™

Structure of Success™ – our systematic, structured methodology that shows you how to achieve the hopes and dreams for your business so that you can Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business

Create the business of your dreams…

At Fountainhead Consulting Group, Inc. we show you how to achieve the goals for your company because we developed a unique, structured methodology named Structure of Success™ we use to grow existing businesses and start new ones. The use of our systematic approach eliminates the trial and error, leap of faith and “what do I do next syndrome” that plague so many entrepreneurs in trying to take your organization where you want it to go.

Our structured methodology is crucial because statistics show 97 out of 100 business owners don’t create the business of their dreams because they just don’t know how. In fact, for many people there is a chasm between the business they actually have and their dreams for it

The problem facing so many companies is they are missing the “structure” that is necessary to move a business from being overly dependent on the business owner or leader to one that provides freedom and financial security for them. This situation occurs because the company is not fully, properly and effectively systematized throughout its entire organization.

Find the “big money”…

This results in the business not being able to scale itself to where the “big money” is at. Many business owners and leaders live in this zone of being frustrated because they know the business is not providing the freedom, life style and financial rewards to them that it could provide. There are five foundational areas for which a structure must be put in place:

  • Vision
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Innovation

Our Structure of Success™ methodology, which is built on our experience with over 1,200 companies during the past 17 years, addresses all of these five areas in your organization thereby providing a comprehensive solution for achieving your business goals. The Structure of Success™ process is applicable to organizations all of all sizes, including Fortune 1000 companies because they all wrestle with the same issues – how to put the structure and systems in place that will fully engage your personnel and enable you to achieve your business goals. These are some of the typical results companies obtain from utilizing our methodology:

  • Take your revenue and profits to the next level
  • Overcome your competition and thrive, even in a challenging market
  • Avoid burn out by enabling you to spend less time on your business, yet still increase your profits
  • Ensure that your business is operating optimally and you are not missing opportunities to prosper
  • Make your business easier to operate so that you have more leisure, family and personal time

Take your company where you want it to go…

The outcome from the Structure of Success™ methodology is that you increase the profitability and personal satisfaction you obtain from your company, decrease the time that you have to devote to it, while you are able to take it to the next level. This results in you being able to “Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business”!

The Structure of Success™ process gives you the peace of mind to sleep at night knowing that you are doing all that you can do for your company to be successful, including developing a sustainable competitive advantage for it. You will also gain the assurance that you are covering all of the bases so your organization won’t get blindsided or bushwhacked by something.

Here is a small sample of what our clients have experienced from working with us:

  • A construction support business increased their revenue from $600K to $10MM in one year
  • A manufacturers’ rep firm grew from being a small, local operation to a multi-state powerhouse
  • A construction company owner reduced their work hours from 60+ to 40 hours a week, even with an increase in revenue
  • A manufacturer built their business to ideally fit their personality and goals in life while growing it from $350K to $16MM in 3 years
  • An online retailer created a large and very profitable business which allowed them to spend stress-free weekends at their vacation house
  • An engineering company transformed their home based business into a national organization with offices throughout the U.S.
  • A service organization that severely overtaxed the owner was brought under control, even as it doubled in size
  • Within 5 years of starting it, the owner of a heath care business operation was able to sell it netting themselves $17.1MM
  • A heating and air conditioning company grew from $0 to $40MM in revenue in 5 years

Establishing a Structure of Success™ for Your Business (Establishing a comprehensive road map to take your business where you want it to go)

Implementation of Your Strategic Plan (On a daily, weekly… basis, what is your next step?)

Innovating Your Business to the Next Level (Becoming a market leader and a “best of breed” type company)

Monthly Reviews of Your Strategic Plan Execution (Keeping on target)

Individual Coaching (Staying the course)

Business Owner Peer Groups (Benefiting from others who have completed the Structure of Success™ process)

Operational Assessment of Your Business (Is your company on the right road?)


photos by: pochacco20 & bulliver