Road to Riches™ – Determining a Purpose for Your Life

Life Coaching – The Key to Your Personal “Road to Riches™”

The Road to Riches™ which includes life coaching, is our comprehensive Life Planning process. The Road to Riches™ comprises a broad life planning methodology that shows you how to discover your Life Purpose, assess where you are at in life, determine what are your long-term life goals, quantify what are your current lifestyle decisions, identify your lifestyle objectives and show you how to use your business as the “vehicle” to get you from where you at and to where you want to go in life.

By utilizing the Road to Riches™ process we will guide you in identifying your Life Goals in the seven areas of your life and then one of our life coaches will show you how to achieve these goals. Through our life coaching The Road to Riches™ process you will be able to discover and achieve your Life Goals in all seven areas of your life. It is important to be aware that many people think only in terms of financial goals, whereas in reality there are seven kinds of riches that a person can obtain in their life. Additional Financial Planning services related to the Financial area of your life are available through our related company, Fountainhead Financial Services, Inc. These seven areas of a person’s life are:

  • Financial
  • Health/Lifestyle
  • Love/Family
  • Personal Growth/Self Improvement
  • Serving your Community/The World
  • Social/Friendship
  • Spiritual