Reach Your Business and Personal Goals

In order for you to achieve the hopes and dreams for your life and business Fountainhead Consulting Group, Inc. provides a full-range of Life PlanningBusiness Planning and Consulting, Business Valuation and Succession Planning services and we serve small, mid-size and large businesses.

If you are looking for a life coach then our Life Planning process, the Road to Riches™ which includes life coaching is just right for you. The Road to Riches™ entails comprehensive life planning process which shows you how to discover your Life Purpose, assess where you are at in life, determine the long-term goals for your life, quantify your current lifestyle decisions, identify your future lifestyle objectives, and show you how to use your business as the “vehicle” to get from where you at to where you want to go in life.

Our Business Planning and Business Consulting services area includes a unique service named Structure of Success™ which is designed to revolutionize a business and turn it into a Fountainhead of Profitability and Personal Satisfaction so that you can Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business. Our Structure of Success™ methodology is ideal for business owners who want real world solutions to their business challenges, to take their business where they want it to go, and thereby build a solid future for them and their business. In fact, over the past 17 years we have shown over 1,200 people how to grow their existing business or start a new business.

Grow Your Business, Increase its Profitability, and Ensure it is Easy to Operate…

Through our unique Structure of Success™ methodology we show you how to grow your business, grow it faster, make it more profitable yet create a business that is easy to operate. These Business Planning and Business Consulting services enable you to take your business to the next level, get the kind of results you want, and give you the peace of mind to sleep at night knowing that you are doing all you can do for your business to be successful. In providing business planning and business consulting services we believe in building solid, long-term relationships with our clients that allow you to reach your goals in life.

Our Structure of Success™ methodology  is not a bunch of theory and not pie in the key, but instead consists of specific strategies and specialized but practical tools you can use right away to solve real world problems and produce the results for which you are looking. To enable you to develop a sustainable competitive advantage so that you can “Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business” we show you how to:

  • Identify a specific direction for your business and define what success in your business would look like
  • Focus on what will ultimately determine your busienss’ success or failure
  • Develop a comprehensive road map
  • Fully implement your game plan
  • Differentiate your business so that you can beat your competition

Our Business Planning and Consulting methodology is comprehensive because we cover all the areas of a business so that our clients learn what they need to know and what they need to do to in order to create the business of their dreams. It is also very intuitive and straightforward so it is easy to understand and implement. While being easy to understand, it is also extremely powerful because it enables you to apply transformational innovation to your entire organization that will separate you from your competition so that you can catapult your business from less than it is to all that it can be!

As an entrepreneur, if you have a new business, or you have a small business you are just getting off the ground we will guide you with your initial strategic planning, provide specific business advice and discuss all the “how-to’s” of starting a business. We show you how to fully develop your marketing strategy, determine how to do advertising, find leads and bring in new customers. If you already have a business, we will show you how to fully develop your overall business strategy, hone your business growth strategy, execute this strategy and manage your growth.