Strategy, Solutions and Execution for Your Business

Proven Business Planning and Business Consulting Solutions

As we talk with and work with business owners we are regularly asked, can we “survive and possibly even thrive in this current economic situation”? We see entrepreneurs losing sleep because they are anxious, worried, stressed out, perplexed and even disillusioned with their businesses. This includes being concerned about fully engaging their employees in their business, improving the morale of their employees and creating a true team environment. Business owners are experiencing rising fear, uncertainty and doubt regarding their business and are asking questions like:

  • How do I handle increasing competition and a more challenging market
  • What can I do to properly plan for the future
  • How can I stay abreast of market trends and plan for changes in my target market
  • How do I avoid business owner burnout
  • What can I do to eliminate blind spots in my business
  • How do I deal with a more value oriented and cautious consumer
  • How can I get my employees on board with where I want to take my business
  • What can I do to develop a viable business exit strategy
  • How do I avoid getting trapped in the tyranny of the urgent syndrome in my business

Our Mission Statement…

Proper Planning is the Key to Solving the Challenges in Your Business …

You may be asking yourself, “where is my business going and how do I get there”? These questions are even more intimidating in light of our current economic challenges. It is not an option to put your head in the sand and ignore your constantly changing business environment. A far better approach is to develop appropriate business strategies and utilize proper and action oriented Business Planning and Consulting in order to address this difficult business landscape. Most likely you are looking for a road map for creating a sustainable competitive advantage for your business. Our unique Structure of Success™ methodology accomplishes just that by:

  • Ensuring that you are not missing opportunities to prosper and that your business is operating optimally
  • Giving you the peace of mind that comes from using a structured approach to growing and managing your business
  • Eliminating the guesswork, trial and error, and uncertainty associated with trying to grow your business
  • Showing you how to make your business work for you, not vice-versa
  • Providing assurance that your business is going in the right direction

The outcome from the above Business Planning and Business Consulting services is an objective analysis of your entire business including the financial aspects of your business with the goal being providing you the proper counsel and support for your business so that you can Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business!

As Management Consultants We Enable You to Reach Your Goals…

As management consultants we provide much more than a typical management consulting firm because, having worked with over 1,200 businesses in the past 17 years, we are very familiar with the issues relating to entrepreneurship, and how these issues impact the management of the various areas of your business.

The difference between Fountainhead and other Business Planning and Business Consulting firms is clearly evident because we utilize our proven, practical and comprehensive methodology, Structure of Success™ to analyze all of the strategic areas of your business to uncover the true keys to making your business an incredible success. Therefore, we are light years ahead of a typical consulting business in being able to assist you in reaching the goals for your business because we use very specific strategies and practical, real world tools that enable you to focus on the areas in your business that will ultimately determine your business’ success or failure. These strategies and tools enable you to put your game plan into action in a logical, step by step way including winning buy-in from your employees. The result of this is that we show you how to transform your business from less than it is to all that it can be!

As a result of our business planning and business consulting services you can:

  • Ensure the economic engine of your business is hitting on all cylinders
  • Strategically and tactically beat your competition
  • Dramatically increase your revenue and profits
  • Find and plug any holes in your business that are draining your profits
  • Punch through the ceilings in your business that are limiting the growth of your business
  • Ensure that your employees are fully engaged in your business
  • Work less in your business, but earn more

Execution is the Key to Achieving the Hopes and Dreams for Your Business …

We hear so many business owners say, “I want to grow my business larger and faster and take it to the next level, but I just don’t know how to consistently achieve this growth”? A vital ingredient in growing a business and taking it to the next level is to create a business that is so attractive that your customers absolutely want to do business with you, your employees get fully on board with where your business is going and investors will be drawn to your thriving and immensely profitable business.

To accomplish the above, through our Business Planning and Consulting we work with you to discover the attributes of your product(s) and business that allow you to separate yourself from your competition in a unique and positive way. We then guide you in developing effective marketing strategies, targeting your chosen market strategy, engineering repeatable “Win/Win experiences” for your customer into every part of your business, and building your Marketing and Sales and Operations areas upon these unique attributes. This allows you to grow your business larger and faster and create a viable exit strategy/succession plan for you from your business.

We guide you in achieving the hopes and dreams for your business by:

  • Establishing a business that creates repeat business and referrals by “creating experiences worth repeating”
  • Showing you how to “work on” your business, instead of getting stuck only “working in” your business
  • Guiding you in fully systematizing your business
  • Developing a sustainable competitive advantage for your business
  • Assisting you in executing your business’ strategic plan in the best possible way (a.k.a., Logical Execution)
  • Showing you how to avoid getting caught in “having to put out fires all day long”
  • Developing a business that will maximize the ultimate value you obtain for your business in the marketplace
  • Showing you how to develop a viable succession plan
  • Assisting you with maintaining a proper work/ personal time balance