July 2014 Newsletter – Grow Your Business by Using the Most Powerful Marketing Tool Known to Mankind – Part 1 of 3

Grow Your Business by Using the Most Powerful Marketing Tool Known to Mankind

Recently I was working with a new client of our firm, Rick, an even keeled man in his late forties who had a medium sized health care consulting practice. As we discussed the challenges he faced in his company, he said “we just aren’t connecting with our prospects and we aren’t closing the deals we should”. He went on to share “I feel our marketing message is not compelling enough to fully engage the people we are talking to”. Does this sound familiar? You give a great presentation or sales pitch and you think you have won a sale. But the other person says, we will get back to you, but you never hear back from them. What went wrong? What if you could fully connect with your target audience? What would your life look like if you could consistently get your message across to your prospects and customers? How would it impact you if you had a marketing message that was unique and fully engaged your potential customer? The answer is yes to all three of these much more by using the most powerful marketing tool known to mankind – your Unique Selling Proposition!

Your Unique Selling Proposition

Small Business Planning in Atlanta, GeorgiaSome business owners feel they have no need for marketing efforts because their product “sells itself”. Unfortunately, virtually nothing sells itself. There is always some type of marketing that has to be done to sell your product, no matter how easy it is to sell and developing your Unique Selling Proposition is the best way you can construct your marketing message. An outcome-based sales approach is successful because it identifies the need, lack, want, or desire that a potential Customer is feeling and presents your solution in terms of the emotional outcome they are seeking. Your Unique Selling Proposition systematizes the selling strategy you can use to convince your Customer to purchase your product. It is a sales pitch that has been clearly thought out to fully resonate with your Customer. It frames your entire presentation in terms of your product’s emotional benefit to your Customer. To develop your Unique Selling Proposition you will need to identify the following:

    • A detailed list of the major features of your product
    • Identification of uniqueness of your product
    • A recognition of the usefulness of your product to your Customer
    • A selling proposition that conveys with simplicity how your product meets the goals and the desired emotional state of your Customer
    • Observed or documented results from your Customer’s use of your product

Your Unique Selling Proposition consists of and conveys four things to your Customer:

1. Your Big Idea

2. Your Big Benefit

3. Your Big Promise

4. Your Proof of Your Claims

Your Big Idea

Small Business Planning in Atlanta, GeorgiaYour Big Idea is a theoretical or hypothetical statement that captures the mind and imagination of your target Customer and gets that Customer excited. Your product is not Your Big Idea because your Customers are not buying your product for the product itself, they are buying it to reach their goals in life and the emotional state they feel they will be in when they achieve their goals. Your Big Idea should be an idea or concept to which people aspire or a big-picture type statement that will capture the imagination of your audience. It should draw them into the thought “What would the world look like if ____________?” Your Big Idea is outcome-based. It opens the door to the next step, the Big Benefit. Your Big Idea is a statement that says, “Think about this concept as if you could wave a magic wand and you could experience it.” For instance, “What if exercise was fun?”, “What if you could make everyone your friend?”, “What if we were able to operate the world using renewable energy?” or “What if you could find your ideal soul mate?” What you want to do is to plant the seed in their mind that their dream could come true. During the above process you want to select the goal that you feel will most resonate with your target Customer and fully develop it into your Big Idea. In the August Newsletter I will cover the final three components of your Unique Selling Proposition:

  • Your Big Benefit
  • Your Big Promise
  • Your Proof of Your Claims

If you need assistance in fully connecting with your target audience and closing sales please contact us so we can show you how to use this concept to tremendously increase your revenue and take your business where you want it to go. www.FountainheadConsultingGroup.com Office phone: (770) 642-4220

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    Great article. I’m facing a ffew of these issues as well..

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