July 2016 Newsletter – Using Your IT Area as a Strategic Asset

Using Your IT Area as a Strategic Asset

I recently saw a very futuristic TV commercial by Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) that touted the announcement of their “The Machine”. You may have seen it too or another related one. As I reflected on this ad I wondered what cutting edge technology would be unveiled in this new product?

New technologies are being developed all the time and the speed that this is occurring is increasing all the time. Some of these new knowledge bases can disrupt entire industries and markets. Additionally, they can make certain products and methods obsolete almost overnight.

In this month’s newsletter I will discuss a tool you can you use to try to prevent being caught off guard by leap-frog advances in know-how.

Avoiding Technology “Shiny Thing” Syndrome

The introduction of innovative technologies is extremely attractive to most people. However, the difficulty is how to avoid being beguiled by some new “shinny thing” that may just drain your Small Business Planning in Atlanta, Georgiaresources instead of strategically moving you towards your company’s goals.

While technology is not an end in itself, the proper use of technology can make your life easier and better, thereby enabling various areas of your business to operate better. The proper use of technology is a tool that can aid in the collection, validation, and automated utilization of information and knowledge throughout your organization.

Using Technology Strategically

But the key question is – How can technology in general and specifically information technology be utilized to strategically automate and optimize processes in various areas of your business? Areas such as:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Production
  • Finance and Administration
  • Human Assets

When you look at the big picture of Information Technology you realize it impacts your operations, customers, markets, competition, production, finances, employees, etc. Therefore, by adopting current technologies, you can manage your operations most effectively, beat your competition, and plan and prepare for the future.

The advantageous use of technology functions as multiplier or an enhancer of the other components of your operations. However, the challenge is to determine which of many and competing information technologies can be effectively used to operate your company in a better and more efficient manner. While most organizations have a person or team that tries to stay abreast of new technological advances, I would like to suggest using the below additional tool.

Utilizing Outside Technology Experts

Small Business Planning in Atlanta, GeorgiaBecause information technology and technology from an overall standpoint are complex, constantly moving targets, a great way to not be unaware of new developments is engage an outside consultant who specializes in information technology or technology in general as it applies to your industry. In every sector there are top, independent experts that can be used to make sure the organization is informed on the technologies that can make a great impact on it, or ones that are just over the horizon, but show great promise.

Let me give you an example. Terry Brock is a noted technology expert in the Professional Speaking industry and he regularly consults with Professional Speakers organizations on what technologies are currently being used by leading Professional Speakers. This includes providing tips on the use of best practices. Additionally, he guides people in understanding what new technologies are just coming out, which ones are replacing older approaches and which technologies are becoming obsolete.

What to Look for in an Outside Technology Expert

Industry specific technology experts have a two huge edges over a company’s internal technology research capabilities. First, since they almost assuredly have been working in a business’ market for many years they have personal relationships with universities, research organizations, think tanks and the media – so they have first-hand access to information that others don’t. Second, because they work with other companies in a particular market, they can tell you the truth about what is working and what is not in that business segment. Furthermore, they can keep you in the know about what other organizations are trying.

Engaging someone like this involves meeting with them several times a year to learn what new and relevant technological developments are out there. Additionally, there should be some kind of “hot Small Business Planning in Atlanta, Georgialine” to immediately inform you of breaking technology news.

The consultant must be someone who stays fully aware of new technologies that are being developed and how they may impact your entire market. The consultant also acts as a counselor to share what technologies are proven and reliable and which ones have become obsolete.

If you need assistance with how to use technological advances strategically by using a future oriented perspective on new advances, please contact us because we can show you how to do this and avoid being found behind the times with new technology developments.

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