At Fountainhead We Show You How To…

  • Ignite inexhaustible innovation in your personnel and organization
  • Dramatically grow your revenue and profitability
  • Eliminate the guesswork, trial and error, and uncertainty associated with trying to take your company to the next level
  • Create fully engaged, productive employees who are on board with where you want to take your organization
  • Achieve the hopes and dreams for your company so that you can “Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business”

What If?

What if you could take your organization where you want it to go? Just think about that!

What would your world look like if you could take the company that you currently have and turn it into the one of your dreams so that you could Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business? Or if you don’t have a business yet, how would it change your life if you could start the one for which you have longed? Yes, they all can be done!

During the past 17 years we have shown over 1,200 companies how to create thriving and immensely profitable businesses. We work with both larger and smaller companies, including Fortune 1000 organizations. We have done this by providing comprehensive Innovation and Business Planning services that enable them to beat their competition, grow and increase profitability.

As Innovation and Business Planning experts we shown companies how to transform themselves through innovation. This includes: 1) working with your organization to create a truly innovative environment, 2) training your employees on how to effectively innovate. We have found these are areas in which virtually all organizations wrestle and want to improve.

This has resulted in the development of our revolutionary, comprehensive 21st Century Innovation Academy™ and FastTrak Innovation Program™. They both show how to apply game changing innovation to your organization. They do what no one else does – show how to ignite inexhaustible, intentional innovation and weave it into the very fabric of your entire company.

Most business owners and leaders and their management team have expectations for today, hopes for tomorrow and dreams for down the road for their company and they say to themselves, if this is the business I have and that’s the one I want, how do I get from here to there? We provide the Innovation and Business Planning solutions that enable you to solve real world problems and achieve your company’s full potential.

Your business goals might include:

  • Apply innovation to your company to differentiate you from your competition
  • Create an entire innovation “ecosystem” within your organization
  • Dramatically grow your revenue and profitability by revving up the economic engine of your business
  • Take your company to the next level by bursting through profit or revenue “ceilings” in your company
  • Increase your personal satisfaction by moving from “working in” to “working on” your business
  • Achieve your personal goals and have more fun as a result of operating an enjoyable and thriving company
  • Maximize your business’ value and provide an exit strategy for you

Proven Innovation and Business Planning Solutions…

To accomplish the above we provide five solutions to your needs:

Our 21st Century Innovation Academy™ – training which instills an entrepreneurial mindset and an innovation skillset within your personnel.

Our exciting and fun-filled Corporate Shark Attack™ and Celebrity Shark Attack™ – which are similar to the hit TV show “Shark Tank” and are used to celebrate innovation with your organization.

Our comprehensive FastTrak Innovation Program™ – shows you how to make innovation part of the DNA of your company so you are able to take it where you want it to go by addressing all 10 innovation components of your organization.

Our world class Brite Idea Lab™ and iLab™ innovation management software – connect people with ideas to businesses and organizations looking for ideas. It is essentially for people with ideas and those looking for ideas.

Our game changing, business growth and scaling  Structure of Success™ methodology – a systematic, structured methodology that shows you how to achieve the hopes and dreams for your business so that you can Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business.

Contact Us and See…

Can Fountainhead Consulting Group, Inc. really show you step by step how to take the business you have and turn it into the one you long for? Well, we know we can; we’ve done it many times over. But you’ll never know if you never ask and we don’t want you to be among the all too typical company owner or leader who does not end up obtaining the kind of results they want, because they just don’t know where to get game changing assistance.

So, go ahead, make your day. Ask about our FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. We’ll meet with you and show you how to revolutionize your company, maximize your personal and business financial well-being and turn your business into a Fountainhead of Profitability and Personal Satisfaction so that you can “Work Less, Make More and Have Fun in Your Business”. During that discussion we will lay out how we can enable you to realize your goals by taking your company where you want it to go and thereby Achieve the Hopes and Dreams for Your Business!